william j tobin

William J. Tobin

  William J. Tobin is a world-class marketer, pioneering innovator, and idea creator extraordinaire. His credits include fifteen patents, and the founding the first e-commerce company, PC Flowers, on the first online service, Prodigy, in 1988. If you've used a computer or Internet application, your life has already been made a little easier by his inventions. His ten phenomenally successful startups span the business world, have generated millions of dollars annually, and earned him the title of Entrepreneur of the Year from Inc. magazine. He has also been honored as one of the Top 100 Marketing Executives by Ad Age magazine and Man of the Year by the International Teleconferencing Association. He founded the Tobin Family Education and Health Foundation, is a proud veteran of the U.S. Army, and works for a range of causes in search of cures for veterans' illnesses. When you can get him off his boat, Bill is an in-demand speaker on entrepreneurial business startups, management, and innovation.